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    Syntax of date functions... ?

      I'm trying to use date format reading data from ms access db.

      I Always has errors but not so clear.

      The problem is on date function but it seems that field are correct.


      Is there syntax mistakes ?



      LOAD "Id_Off",





      //     date("Data_Off", 'DD-MM-YYYY') As "Data_Off",

          Month("Data_Off") As "Mese_Off",

          Year("Data_Off") As "Anno_Off",

          Day("Data_Off") As "Giorno_Off",



      I'm used to put '_' (underscore) within field names but it seems that QS continue to read them as it was a " " blank space adding "    " around the name of field .

      Is it better to use [name_field] as in ms access ??