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    Qlikview server Load balancing cluster on the existing environment

    Srikanth P

      Hello Qlik folks, I can't find better material to install the Qlikview server upgrade from single node to Load balancing cluster.


      Currently, we have only one Qlikview server (qvsp01) that host all the services Qlikview server , Web server , Publisher & Management Console. We attached the data hard drives to qvsp01 and the shares were created on the these drives for source & user documents folders. We are using AJAX client on the access point.


      But we got 2 more servers qvsp02 , qvsp03 and we are planing to modifying the existing architecture and finally we decided to go to below:



           1. Qlikview Distribution Service (Publisher)

           2. Qlikview Management Service (QMS API)

      Source & user Documents still on the QVSP01


      QVSP02 & QVSP03: [Load balancing]

           1. Qlikview Server service

           2. Qlikview Web server

           3. Qlikview directory service.


      How can I upgrade the above architecture ? what steps I need to take care of in this upgrade process ?


      I can't find this type of upgrade documents in Qlikview server reference manual.


      Please help me on this.