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    how to implements scheduling part in the NPrinting

    srinivas b

      Hi All,


      I have created a excel report for current selection and also created task includes report, recipients and message details.I can also run the task successfully and I able to send this excel attachment  to specified email id's.this entire development has done in my local machine only.

      I have installed NPrinting Designer(16.0 ) in my local machine and installed NPrinting server(16.0 )on the server.


      I have few queries that:


      1) is it mandatory to install NPrinting Designer on the server?

      2) To implements the schedule,can we use NPrinting Designer or NPrinting server or do we require both of this.

      3) can we implement scheduling on the local machine or on the server? what are the requirements for this?

      3) In the above scenario latest QVW copied from server to  the local machine and done the task using NPrinting Designer.but how can I get latest data in the excel after QVW refreshed on the server? can I use latest QVW by connecting server from local machine using NPrinting Designer?


      Kindly provide me solution for my queries and explain me that how do we achieve entire task like from create different type of reports to scheduling using NPrinting.


      Many thanks in advance for your great support.