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    Section Access - question from quiz

    Karolina Papaj

      Hi All,


      I'm doing quiz from qlik.com website and I got stuck on one question.


      Which of the following is true about Section Access tables? 


      A. The number of user security records is limited to one million   - it is not, although there is limitation for reduction field(s) that cannot handle more than 1M unique values (Section Access limitation of 1M rows?)

      B. All Section Access tables must be defined in the Hidden Script - not a must, a good practise

      C. You can only perform data reduction on a single field          - no, u can have more than 1

      D. All field names and values are automatically converted to upper case  - only in inline load or text file load (When does Section Access "ACCESS" field value require upper case ?). From QV 11 reference manual "All the fields listed in Load or Select statements in the section access must be written in UPPER CASE. Any field name containing lower case letters in the database should be converted to upper case using the upper function, see upper(textexpression) (page 320), before being read by the Load or Select statement."

      E. Don't know - fits best for me now


      Help & explanation appreciated