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    Authorization within QMC (restrict modification of specific tasks)

      Hi All,


      we are currently facing a problem concerning authorisations within the QMC (so what someone is able to do in the QMC).

      We have one new user Group that is responsible for maintaining about 95% of all Tasks in the QMC:

      - run existing task

      - add users to distribution list


      However, for the other 5% of the tasks, this user group is not allowed to modify the task (e.g. add him/herself to distribution list).


      Another possible scenario would be that the Person can only run existing Tasks and is not able to modify a Task at all (if this is easier to solve).


      In Conclusion: These users should not be able to see a specific report in any case.


      We are running QV 11.20 SR12 Server and QV Publisher.


      Does anyone has experience in that or can advice how this scenario can be solved?