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    create connection in QS QMC

    Jerry Lau

      hi all


      in qlik sense qmc homepage, on the left hand side panel, we have

      (1) MANAGE CONTENT > Data connections

      (2) MANAGE RESOURCES > User directory connectors


      what are their difference if i want to create a lib connection?


      i found that i cannot create new connection but only edit/delete old connections at (1)




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          Jonathan Poole

          Hi - user directory connectors are connecitons to a user repository. So if you want to allow access to Qlik Sense based on Active Directory, LDAP , SQL tables etc... you create a UDC (user directory connector) so that Qlik sense can use that repository to allow access to the content in qlik sense.


          Data connections represent the data connections available in the qlik sense repository. You manage them from the QMC but they actually only get created from :


          1. The hub when a developer in 'my work' creates a brand new connection using the data manager or the data load editory

          2. You import an app into QMC and the data connections used by that new app do not already exist in Qlik Sense, and the import process auto adds them.


          Does that help ?

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Jerry - appending to my friend Jonathan's reply.


            You can learn more about UDC here: Qlik Sense Platform - Qlik Management Console User Directory Connector - Part 5 - and other Qlik Sense Enterprise capabilities / function here: New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos


            It is important to note that UDC ONLY - brings in the user and the user metadata / properties from THOSE systems and stores it in the Qlik Sense Repository - these properties can then be used for things like security rules and other AUTHORIZATIONs. UDC DOES NOT PERFORM any authentication, that is handled by the proxy and defaults to windows local or domain security. Other authentication is supported, you can read more about that in our help if you wish.


            Data Connections - from the QMC - only allows you to view / edit connections. Connections are actually created as part of the app creation - I actually cover this in a video here: Qlik Sense Platform - Securing and Sharing Data Connections


            Please let us know how you do.



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            Mike Tarallo


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              Jerry Lau

              thanks Jonathan and Michael

              i will try to go through the videos to get more understanding