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    NPrinting Files Issue

      Hi Community,


      We are in the process of QlikView DR Drill. We are also required to perform QV NPrinting DR activity as well.


      I have successfully installed NPrinting Designer and Server at the DR machine and have also copied all the relevant reports (NPX and NSQ).


      The problem I face is the reports (NPrinting files) are not opening in Designer installed at DR machine.


      Any possible solution?

      Thank You,

      Usama Anwar

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          Aran Nathanson
          1. Check to make sure the version on NPrinting on the DR machine is the same as the version on the machine which was used to build the NPrinting projects and reports
          2. Check the file path in the report window here:

            Report Path.PNG

          If the path is not correct, click on the browse button on the right hand side of the template name text box and browse to find the appropriate file.





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            when you say not opening, is it getting an error, is the edit button not enabled when you try to edit a template


            did you use UNC pathing in your file name for tempaltes?  If so does the machine name in your DR environment match the name in the path.  If you did not use UNC pathing, is it a mapped drive (mapped drives are not recommended and should not be used) or is it looking locally?