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    Network Load Balancer in front of Qlik Sense Stack?

      I've just recently installed Qlik Sense as a single box proof of concept.  It correctly answers HTTPS requests using our custom certificate when going directly to the server, but fails to respond when going through my VIP on my hardware load balancer.


      My load balancer seems to have no communication issues with the Qlik Sense server and is configured similarly to other scenarios where we balance HTTPS traffic.  I can modify my HOST file to use my VIP name but go directly to the Qlik Sense server and also have successful communication so it doesn't appear that the name in the URL matters to Qlik.


      Is there some additional configuration needed for a Qlik Sense server behind a hardware load balancer?

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          I resolved this by re-configuring my load balancer to have a different service group for the authentication port vs. the communication port.  While Qlik Sense needs port 443 for standard communication it also uses port 4244 for SSL authentication.  (There are a similar pair of ports for HTTP comms)


          Defining both of these ports as separate service groups within my VIP resulted in successful communication.