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    NPrinting Bug ?

      I have been reading some reports about NPrinting v16.0 not working accurately or as expected with cyclic fields.

      Recently we have encounter an issue with Nprinting v16.0 & upgrading it to v16.2 fixed the issue.

      we have a field with 500 unique values where we need to generate NPrinting report for each and every unique value. So, we used NPrinting cyclic field to generate reports based on unique values, which gave us a "Out of Memory" error after running/creating reports for a set of less than 1/10th of unique values where none of our Server processor or memory maxed out. We even reduced or data, changed our Nprinting template & created sub tasks for even smaller set of unique values to generate reports but every time we ran into same issue again & again.

      When we upgraded our NPrinting version from 16.0 to 16.2 it worked without any issues & generated reports for all unique values with same old template where 16.0 failed. It seems there is a bug related to cyclic fields in NPrinting v16.0 which was squished in v16.2.


      Thank you