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    Junk EMail

    virendra chawra



      I am Loading data in qlikview but i am getting below given emails in data:











      Kindly suggest how to remove these from qlikview script.

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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi vir vir,


          take a spear and kill them ;-)


          Would you mind providing a bit more information? that would make it much easier to help you do whatever you want to achieve.

          I guess your QlikView_script merely loads the data, it does not add anything, does it?

          So my guess would be those emails are in your data. You can of course filter those using a WHERE clause with your LOAD statement.


          Best regards,



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            Andy Weir

            there doesn't look to be anything about the structure of the emails you could use to auto strip these out.  In your application you are reporting on you should flag junk accounts and then exclude in your report load.


            You could probably test and capture undeliverable mail messages as part of the registration/on boarding process on your mail server and do something with that to exclude them.