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    Only use lines in a table which has things in common

      Hi everybody,


      i'm very new to Qlick sense and have a specific Problem.

      I got the table as follows:


      Article     Country          Price

      A            Germany          2

      B            Germany          3

      C            Germany          4

      A            Spain               1

      B            Spain               2

      B            Italy                 1

      C            Italy                 2


      In the end i want to calculate the average Price for a certain product in every country, but only products which are sold in every country. In my easy example it would be only product "B", because it was sold in Germany, Italy and Spain. So Qlick sense should show me:

      "Average Price in Germany: 3", "Average price in Italy 1" and so on in an additional column. The real data table is much bigger, but the approach should be the same. For this reason i have to use loops in my notation.


      The approach in my mind looks as follows:

      1.Filter all products which are sold in every country. For this i can add a additional column, set the value to 0 if its not sold in every country and hide these lines.

      2.Calculate the average price for each country.


      But i do not know how the notation must looks like. Every attempt i tried, it says "fault".


      I'm already desperate. If would be so nice if somebody helps me:)