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    What is static and dynamic reduction?

    sivaraj seeman

      Hi all,

      Could you please explain what is static and dynamic reduction? when to use it?




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          Gabriel Oluwaseye




          Dynamic Data Reduction

          Dynamic data reduction is done in QlikView using the concept of Section Access, which is part of the QlikView document. Meaning there is a single QVW file and all users can access the QVW file and data is reduce based on the access level given i.e. Section Access



          Static Data Reduction

          For larger deployments and/or those in need of centralized control of authorization capabilities, QlikView Server/Publisher are used. Departments or functions often have a “master” application that contains all relevant data covering all analysis needs, and this master document needs to be separated (“reduced”) according to the needs and access privileges of the intended audience. QlikView Publisher reloads the QlikView document with available data, refreshes the Section Access tables, and splits the large QlikView document into smaller documents based on values in a particular field.

          This “reduction and distribution” allows for a file containing many data fields to be broken up by the contents of a field and distributed to authorized users or groups according to their access privileges.