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    Pivot table: Filtering dimension values by other dimension



      I have an inventory table in Excel with the columns "ComputerNo.", "CPU", "Storage" and "USB". It is loaded as a flat table (crosstable load) into my QlikView data model:



      In the QlikView application I present the inventory table to the user as a pivot table (that looks almost like the original table in Excel). The first (vertical) dimension is the Field "ComputerNo.", the second (horizontal) dimension is the field "Component", and as expression the field "Value".



      My question: How can the user filter that pivot table, such that, let's say only the rows of those Computers remain which have "x86" as CPU and "SDD" as Storage?   --> satisfied by ComputerNo. "2"


      My Problem is, that I need to select those values of field "ComputerNo." which "have" a record in my QlikView data model for each desired Component-Value-combinations.


      I played with the advanced search on field "ComputerNo." but was not able to filter it by multiple Component-Value-combinations.




      Anyone has an idea? Thank you in advance!