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    Calculating members of a dimension

    Simon Hogg

      It's Friday afternoon, I'm tired, and I can't think of the correct answer so I'm hoping someone here can put me straight;


      How do I perform calculations within a dimension?  For example, let's suppose I have a country dimension in my database.  How do I compare one country to another?




      France               <--- from database

      Germany            <--- from database

      Spain                 <--- from database


      Spain as % of (France+Germany+Spain).    <--- this is calculated.


      (I'm actually trying to re-create a P&L with margin calculations;



           Commission as % of Sales

      the dimension is the lines of the P&L, the measures are "Actuals", "Forecast", etc.)

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          Henric Cronström

          If France, Germany and Spain are the three selected (or possible) countries, you can create a pivot table that shows Sum(Sales) / Sum(total Sales). This will be the percentages.



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            Andy Weir

            If you actually wanted to find the differences between one country and another you could use an extension (like qsVariable but I belive there are others) and create variables vCountryA and vCountryB to setup a sheet that would allow to compare like with like.


            sum({$ <Country={$(vCountryA)}>} Yourmeasure) Vs sum({$ <Country={$(vCountryB)}>} Yourmeasure)


            Hope this helps although on a Friday I may have just complicated this