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    How to get directory .qvf file is deployed to

      I'm R&Ding Qlik for my company and I'm having some issues getting my deployed .qvf files to work. My objective is to have 1 .qvf file that multiple clients can use, but each client has it's own data source. I have a .qvf (CreateAllQVD) that creates .qvd files from my data sources and puts them in the correct directory on disk. I have a directory tree of C:\AllTheQlik\QlikDistro\ and then 2 sub folders CompanyOne and CompanyTwo. In those folders I have

      MultiCompanyTest.qvf (the one shared between all clients)





      In my MultiCompanyTest.qvf I do a LOAD

      LOAD * FROM ./MultiCompanyTest_Sheet1.qvd (qvd);


      Here's my problem. When I attempt a reload of the data in QMC I get an error, my Load is trying to load from C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps


      I need it to load from C:\AllTheQlik\QlikDistro\CompanyOne but I can't figure out how to know that my .qvf file is in \CompanyOne.  Is there a system variable or something that can help me out?