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    how to install qlik sense server for a website hosted on bluehost

      Hi, there,

      my website is hosted by bluehost. and i created a qlik sense app using sense desktop and want to embed it to my website.


      as suggested by this post How to embed a Qlik Sense chart on your website, i need to install qlik sense server to use the Single configurator. the result is just like in Valentine’s Day app. (http://valentines.qlik.com/ ).


      how can i get into bluehost and install qlik sense server and embed the qlik sense app?



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Lin,


          Thanks for your questions and interest in Qlik Sense.


          As you stated, in order to do something like this (using full apps and/or interactive charts etc), you would need to have a licensed version of Qlik Sense Enterprise Server or the Qlik Sense Analytics Platform (QAP) , running in your web environment as well, or accessible. I too have a Bluehost account, (Shared hosting) but it is just a simple blog running Linux. It does not give me an option to install applications in a Windows environment. You may want to look into using Amazon (AWS) - they offer a free (1 year) Free Cloud Services – AWS Free Tier subscription of a small Windows environment were you could install Windows applications on them.  I am not sure if Bluehost offers dedicated hosting like this.


          Note that the the single interface as mentioned in the blog has been replaced by the Developer Hub, I included a video to it below.


          If you don't have a licensed version of Qlik Sense Server - you can still play with Qlik Sense using Qlik Sense Cloud and embed SOME of your visualizations in a site, but this is not exactly like the Valentine's day app.


          If you are still interested in how this may be achieved please take a look at these videos:



          You may find this part interesting as you can embed individual charts from your apps that you upload to QLik Sense Cloud for free: Qlik Sense Cloud - Getting Started Webinar - YouTube see this link which jumps to it: Qlik Sense Cloud - Getting Started Webinar - YouTube - Qlik Sense Charts as we call it - allow you to get the embed code or link for a chart in your app and share that individually in a web site, tweet, social media etc.


          Let us know how you do.


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          Mike T