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    Mapping data using MapInfo



      I'm completely new to this, so bear with me.


      I work for a local authority and since starting have kicked-up a fuss over the lack of corporate GIS capability. I have since been asked to look into the possibility of using a tool to provide phased mapping to showing progress on various construction sites, preferably using systems that we already use.


      The appeal of using Qlikview is it's data handling ability. Unfortunately when one of our IT guys combined this with our GIS platform (MapInfo) the results were less than impressive. By this I mean that the polygons describing the outline of sites were both not as detailed, and didn't transfer accurately, resulting in a poor quality impression in the wrong place.


      I'm aware that Qlikview isn't a GIS platform, however if anyone can offer any wisdom as to how one might go about improving the quality and accuracy of the mapping, in lay terms, I would be very grateful.





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          Avinash R



          we do have couple way for the data mapping but it all depends on the data and requirement.

          E.g. if you have ID and value info in one table or file  and if you want to map it for other tables you can try like this


          Mapping LOAD * inline









          LOAD applymap('Mapping_table',ID) as Values,



          from table;