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    Highlight selected fields in bar chart and filter groups

    Yvonne Critchell

      I am trying to create a benchmarking summary sheet.  It will contain the same base chart a few times over.


      I want to select the client from a drop down box and then all the charts to update based on the client, without having to use any other filter boxes.


      Currently when I select the client, all the other clients disappear and just the selected client is left on each of the charts.  I did manage to keep their IDs along the axis, but only the value for the selected client appears.   What I would like is that the chart stays the same but highlights the selected client instead of singling him out.  Is this possible?


      Secondly, the other charts on the page need to be filtered by different fields, based on the farm selected.

      So a client could either be in group A or group B

      If the selected client was in group B - I only want to compare with all the other group Bs.


      Hope that all makes sense, any help appreciated!