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    import Excel 2007 and older gives bad zip file?

    Niek Botden

      Dear all,


      Data is being provided in excel sheets by several users from several locations using shared cloud service.

      The users fill in their data in a provided excel data template file and this file contains also some macros.

      So template excel file is excel 2013 format and has name: *.xlsm


      Some users open the file in excel 2007 and older, and fill in data and save the file. no problem. 

      I can open the file in excel 2013, no problem.


      But when importing the file in a Sense load script, it gives message: Bad Zip File


      When I open the file again in excel 2013 and save, Sense imports without problems.


      Does anyone have a solution other than upgrading excel software at userside?

      Does Sense not support excel versions from 2007 and older?


      thanks in advance for reply,