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    Load QVW file using Ocx on asp.net solution

      Our goal is to load data from QVW files and to run different manipulation on the data.

      We developed a DLL that uses QlikView OCX , to load data from QVW files.

      In previous solution we used this DLL within a local C# application and that work fine for us.

      In our new project we are looking for a way to run this DLL within web application.

      We have encountered a problem trying to access a qvw file through the IIS.


      In order for it to work we created a Asp.net application that opens the file using our DLL within a single-threaded apartment (ActiveX controller obligation).

      After many attempts we discovered that the IIS is unstable and  unreliable because for some reason it grants permission to the application pool identity, and everything work, and after a while it takes them and the access to the file is declined (only by resetting the IIS in some cases it starts to work again).  


      Any other alternatives will be welcome