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    Speed up Load

    clive ketley

      Hi All,

      I am currently trying to load a small table in Qlikview that extracts a created date from a large record set where the record ID exists in another table.


      The load statement I am using is below. The first record I want to extract starts after caseID 1597000 hence trying to put the greater than statement in. While the load works it takes over 2 hours to run. can anyone suggest a quicker way to perform the load. I have tried a mapped load and also a join but they also take a long time to run. For info the extract to date will be about 1000 records but will grow daily.




      Date(createdDateTime, 'DD/MM/YYYY') as createdDate

      where exists (caseID,caseID);




          FROM myDatabase;



      Thanks for your help.