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    GoogleMaps API - Trouble Loading Coordinates

      Hello all -


      I've reviewed many of the posts available regarding the GoogleMaps API was came up with the attached .qvw to identify the coordinates of semi-specific locations (city+province+country level - no postal codes).  While it is working and identifying the coordinates of locations in the table, whenever the .qvw is reloaded, different locations go missing. 


      In the the attached file in it's current reload state, the city's "Holland, Michigan USA", "Houston, Texas USA" an "Montreal, Quebec CAN" do not have coordinates returned; however, in the previous reload state, only "Montreal, Quebec CAN" did not have coordinates.  The odd part is that if you were to run the script in DEBUG mode, all locations will be returned with the coordinates.  Only when the script is reloaded (non-debug) do some of the coordinates go missing.


      I cannot figure out why this is occurring and what the solution should be to always return all location coordinates.  While I could simply look up the coordinates for each location and save them in the source file, the locations list is relatively dynamic and will change over time in terms of locations I want presented; therefore, I'd prefer to load the coordinates in the script via the API.


      Thank you in advance.