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    Mixed Dates, same column

    Leo Catt

      Hi All,

      I havent run into this before maybe you have.  I have a table that gives me the creation date of the record.  However, there are some date format and some number format.  Any suggestions on where to lookto  fix this?


      CC-00053479Bob SmithReview52Product 1DisneyNoSite8/24/20151
      CC-00053530Bob SmithReview52Product 2GoofyNoSite8/24/20151
      CC-00054168Bob SmithReview49Product 3MickeyNoSite422431
      CC-00054507Bob SmithReview45Product 4DisneyNoSite8/31/20151
      CC-00054909Bob SmithReview43Product 5GoofyNoSite422491
      CC-00054959Bob SmithReview43Product 6MickeyNoSite422491