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    Datepicker in Qlikview 11 Extension

    Patric Amatulli



      is there someone who knows why the calendar is not showing up in the Qlikview Extension I have developed?


      I use the built-in Jquery libraries of the 11 version, so i think reading around in the forum it is:

      - jquery 1.7.1

      - jquery-ui 1.8.6


      Before i tried to use a newer jquery library and the calendar was showing up correctly but it was conflicting with the other qlikview calendar objects.....

      So now i am trying to use the standard libaries delivered by Qlik but no calendar is showing up.
      I used firebug but i could not recognize any error or mistake.....:


      Here a sample code:


                          <input id="ITEM_4"  type="text" size="40"/>


                          $(function() {


                                  fielddateFormat: 'mm-dd-yy' //this is the date format for datepicker field