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    Show table of users who bought X but not Y

    Arvid Rosén


      I have a simple database with a table of purchases by a bunch of users. Some users bought more than one product (at different times).


      I would like to build an interface where the Qlik Sense user can easily select products and generate a table showing the users who bought or did not buy those products. Ideally, I would like to have two list boxes, where the user can select products X and Y respectively, and the table updates to show what users bought X but not Y.


      A think I know how to write set expressions to filter out the group of users I want. It also seems possible (although a bit clumsy) to use nested only() and aggr() functions as a calculated dimension, to use this set expression in a table. But how do I define X and Y from the user interface?


      Or are there better ways to do these kind of things in Qlik Sense?