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    Loading multiple year data

      Good Day


      As you will note from my question, I have just started using Qlik Sense. How do I load data that is exactly the same in terms of tables headings for 2 different years?  In other words I am loading data from an excel sheet with various tables (eg A-Z) (which has been exported from my database) for the 2014 year.  And I am also wanting to load exactly the same tables (A-Z) for the 2013 financial year.

      Your assistance is appreciated.

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          Robert Mika

          If your data have only one common field they will be link be that field.

          But please post your data to see what they look like

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            Andy Weir

            Concatenate your source tables into one.


            Example attached


            concatenate two tables

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              Kevin Case



              I am making an assumption that you have two Excel files with multiple sheets and that there are 'keys' on each sheet to tie your data together.  Without sample data, we are just guessing.  If your question is how to loop through the excel spreadsheets then it can be accomplished pretty easily.  Take for example the following two Excel files,





              Notice the file names.  Same name except for the 3 and 4.


              Each files has multiple sheets and each sheet has the same data fields.  You can do something like the following to load the data from sheet1 from both files.







              FROM [lib://MyDataFolder/MyData_FY201*.xlsx]

              (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


              Since the file names are similar, you can use an * in the file name and Qlik will process all files in the specified directory based on the wildcard.


              This same process can be used for each sheet in the workbook.


              Hope this is what you were looking for.