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    setting up buttons to open docx files

    Jennifer Petrik


      I have a QV document where one of the sheets is a 'How To'.  I have it set up with buttons that I would like each button to take the user to a "how to doc" that they can open/launch from the internet and read.  I have the docs saved on our server.  I had them as .docx and also as .htm files.  I tried to set the properties button to "External" and "Open URL" then for the URL, I have it listed like this:


      \\servername\folder\view_clear history.htm


      However when trying to open it from the internet the page is not found.  I've never set these up before, can someone direct me as to should it be set up as a word.docx or .htm and what do I need to do to get this to work?


      Thank you!