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    Double quotes within double quotes in set analysis


      I have a problem with double quotes in double quotes within set analysis. I
      read two posts:

      double quote
      wrapper in double code issue in set analysis


      QlikView Quoteology


      but none of them answer my question.


      I have the following code:


      SALES_ID={"=SUM({<MY_DATE =

      MY_DATE = {">=$(=Date(MakeDate(year(min(MY_DATE))-1,Month(min(MY_DATE)),Day(min(MY_DATE)))))<=$(=Date(MakeDate(year(max(MY_DATE))-1,Month(max(MY_DATE)),Day(max(MY_DATE)))))"}




      The user select a date interval MY_DATE. Then I take this interval and I
      define the same interval but FOR THE PREVIOUS YEAR (minus 1 year). For
      instance: the user select 1.1.2015 - 31.9.2015 --> MY_DATE = 1.1.2014 -
      31.9.2014. I want to count different products SALES_ID in this period of time.


      Additionally, I want also count only that SALES_ID which have some sales
      amount > 0 (it can happen that I have SALES_ID with SALES_AMOUNT=0 in the
      period 1.1.2014 - 31.9.2014 and i don't want to count them).


      The problem is that I have double quotes within other double quotes (in the first part of my code). I tried
      to change in brackets or other accent like ``. I also tried escape sequences, but it doesn't work.


      SOME IDEAS??


      Thanks in advance.