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    want to calculate millisecond

    vir vir





      I want to show the millisecond in qlikview /......please suggest how can it possible.



      Date(Now(),'DD/MM/YYYY h:mm:ss.fff TT')




      please suggest , by this i am just geeting 000 in millisconds ..........please suggest

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          Hirish V


          The milliseconds will be loaded, just not displayed. If you specify a timestamp format like DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss.fff you should see the milliseconds as the fff part. Try adding the timestamp field to a listbox or table box and on the Number tab of the properties window of the object check the option Override Document Settings, choose timestamp and adjust the Format Pattern to your liking.

          i hope this helps.


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            Petter Skjolden

            The Now() function polls the system time every second.


            So the Now() function really only gives you the resolution of seconds not milliseconds as that makes little sense - especially since this would lead to a higher number of unique timestamp values which would make QlikViews compression technique very inefficient...

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              jagan mohan rao appala



              With Now() you won't get milliseconds, it is been mentioned in Qlikview help it polls the Operating System every second but not millisecond.


              From Qlikview Help file:


              now([ timer_mode])

              Returns a timestamp of the current time from the system clock. The timer_mode may have the following values:

              0 Time at previously finished reload (not currently ongoing reload)
              1 Time at function call
              2 Time when the document was opened 

              Default timer_mode is 1. The timer_mode = 1 should be used with caution, since it polls the operating system every second and hence could slow down the system.


              Hope this helps you.



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                Sumeet Vaidya

                Hi Vir,


                While deriving millisecond, the best possible way is to divide 1 by (no. of hours* minute*seconds) and Floor function helps you to round the millisecond to the nearest second.


                i.e Floor(now(),1/(24*60*60)).