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    My quest for the best way to visualize figures on different scales

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have two figures, both out of an Excel_list, that I want to display in a barchart. Sounds simple, no? Well, take this:

      - The first figure is "lorries arriving on a given day" which usually numbers in the dozens or so.

      - The second is "boxes arriving on a given day" which usually numbers in the hundreds (every lorry can contain any number of boxes)


      I want to display the two as close as possible so that it is clear at first sight which two figures (a # of lorries and a # of boxes) are associated with a given day.

      - I cannot use one chart with the Trellis_option (which would effectually give me two charts) as the two scales are so different - the axes
         automatically adapt to the largest figure (which would be a # of boxes), so the # of lorries would be hardly visible.

      - Putting two separate charts side by side is quite ok, but it still requires "looking twice", so to speak, to notice the two different figures
         associated with one day.


      One thing that would be a solution if I can do it which I don't know is creating a horizontal barchart with the 0_line in the middle and with the bars for the lorries going right and the bars for boxes going left - but I don't know if I could use two different scales with that - I rather doubt it.


      Now I came up with the idea of using two separate charts below each other and turning the lower one around - with the columns going down, not up. Then I just have to deactivate the display of the dimension for one of them and move them close to each other and get rid of a part of the frames.

      Maybe someone here has some idea that could help me to further improve this visualization? There are also some more figures to come, I don't know whether it will be possible/ sensible to display those in the same diagram(s).

      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,