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    Get errorlevel from EDX call

    Jorge Mengual



      I am working with QlikView 11 and using Server/Publisher 11 for the reloads. To make this reloads I use an external scheduler and make the calls to the tasks via EDX. Everything is working fine. The code I use to call the EDX is:


      @echo "Start the task call"

      Set ERRORLEVEL=0
      CALL \\path\QMSEDX.exe -task=%1 -qms=http://<myserver>:4799/QMS/Service -timeout=%2 -verbosity=5

      @echo "End task call"

      @echo "Error: " %ERRORLEVEL%

      GOTO: EOF


      When there is a problem in a task I receive ERRORLEVEL=1 and then I know that some problem has happened and I fix it. But when there is a problem connecting the distribution service, the variable ERRORLEVEL does not change and I get the ERRORLEVEL=0 and I do not realize that a problem has happened. I send you the log when this happens:


      "Start the task call"


      Failed to start the task due to the following error:FailedToContactDistributionService

      "End task call"


      "Error: " 0


      Any ideas of what can I do?