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    Is it possible to use part of a QVW sheet or a 'group' of charts in NPrinting?

    Greg Anderson

      I believe the answer to this is 'no', but I'm hoping someone with more experience can help.


      I have a large QVW with several complex charts, sometimes layered over one another.  The layers are processed separately to allow parallel processing rather than serial processing for the dozens of displayed values.


      I'm working on optimizing the chart, but in the meantime...


      The resulting KPI chart takes up approximately one-third of a sheet in a QlikView solution we publish.  Is there a way to grab that third of a sheet, or grab the whole sheet and crop within QlikView, in order to distribute the image on an NPrinting report?


      I've done quite a few NPrinting reports, but I'm only now getting into more stylized (and attractive, I hope) distributed updates.