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    [Simple problem] This IF statement with OR's won't evaluate because the search value has a single quotes. How to fix this?

    John Blomqvist

      Hello all,


      I have the following IF statement in my script:


      If(CategoryName = 'Women's Clothes' or CategoryName= 'Sportswear' or CategoryName = 'Men's Footwear', 1,0) as CategoryType


      But the script won't run because Women's Clothes and Men's footwear actually contain single quotes too and Qlikview sees this as a problem.


      I thought I could do:


      If(CategoryName = "Women's Clothes" or CategoryName= 'Sportswear' or CategoryName = "Men's Footwear", 1,0) as CategoryType




      If(CategoryName = [Women's Clothes] or CategoryName= 'Sportswear' or CategoryName = [Men's Footwear], 1,0) as CategoryType


      But this does not work.


      Does anyone know how to fix this minor issue in my IF statement please?