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    How do I get the most recent posting date for a measure?

    Simon Hogg

      I have the following data.  How do I get the most recent month which has posted values in a formula? (Unfortunately it doesn't correspond to the current or prior month in a nice fashion).


      MonthPosted ValuesPlan Values


      In English, I want to say, "Give me the sum of the plan values for all the months up to the most recent month with Posted Values".


      I can't just use Max (Month), because that will give June.  I tried Max (if ([Posted Values] > 0 , Month , 0)) but that just gave 0.  I think my confusion is that I'm trying to use Month as a measure as well as a dimension for aggregation.


      Is this a job for set analysis, or should it be fixed in the load script (and if so, how???).