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    How to auto get LY_YTD not by manually turn on LY_YTD ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I using load script create below field :-

      If([Reporting Code]>=100 and [Reporting Code]<=374,'eXP') as [eXP],



      I can make use of below expression to get yearly Amount :-




      I have load script for flag LY_YTD :-

      If(Num([TempDate]) >= $(vYearStartLY) and Num([TempDate]) < $(vMonthNowLY), -1, 0) As LY_YTD


      if I manually activate eXP and LY_YTD , i can get LY_YTD Amount = -678,468



      My Question is how to get LY_YTD by exopression ?



      I assume the expression is sone thing like below , how it not work :-