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    How to create a sample doc ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have below script , after filter by brand = HMS , the file size still big , may i know how to further reduce the file size by only random select 5% of the data ?



      Binary "C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\0_Q_Development\0 Q_QVD\000_QVD_v2065.qvw";  // 1 yr



      //C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\0_Q_Development\0 Q_QVD



      //Binary "c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\0_q_development\0 qv snp development\0 q_qvd\000_qvd_v895.qvw";  // 7 yr



      //Binary "c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\0_q_development\0 qv snp development\0 q_qvd\000_qvd_v882.qvw";  // 2 yr



      // local



      //Binary "c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\5 qv_final\0 qv production\000_qvd_v11.qvw";






      LOAD *

      RESIDENT sales_table WHERE BRAND_='HMS';


      DROP TABLES sales_table;



      /* below cannot reduce the file size also.



      LOAD *

      RESIDENT MasterCalendar WHERE year>'2013';


      DROP TABLES MasterCalendar ;