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    NPrinting Automated Reports schedule dashboard

    Amit Deepchand

      I would like to know if it's possible to represent the scheduled NPrinting reports in a dashboard view on Qlikview.


      We envision getting the status of each reports if it was run and if it was successful, etc. Is that something that someone else tried or is there some other related posts whereby users were trying to achieve something similar?




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          Frank Savino

          Unfortunately it is not possible to show NPrinting Automated report schedules from a QVW dashboard.


          However, logged information can be viewed from a QV dashboard by using the NP service logs to build your Dashboard. I've create a simple dashboard log qvw. You may download it at the link below:


          monitor.zip - Google Drive


          Extract the zip file Monitor.zip to c:\test\ so that the pass is c:\test\monitor\


          If you need to view realtime results and schedule status, simply open the NPrinting Monitor via the NPrinting Management Console.


          NP Monitor.PNG

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            Daniel Jenkins

            Hi Amit,


            Your first sentence got me thinking. Not everyone will have access to the NPrinting Server to check the status of current schedules so it could be useful to access the monitoring tool information from the AccessPoint. I built the attached QlikView document, published it to the AccessPoint and scheduled it to reload every hour. Lightning bolt icon = Running & the Clock icon = Idle.

            Working fine so far.


            HTH - Daniel.