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    Multiple Fields into One Single Dimension & Text Processing

    Samuel Lin

      Hello Qlik Folks,


      *(I recently began to use Qliksense, so everything is build in Qliksense.)

      I couldn't find or work out a solution to this so far, but I think there's a way to do it.


      I have a survey results asking which are the top 3 companies that people want to work at recorded in three fields, so the data may look like:


      Top3[1]     Top3[2]     Top3[3]

      Google     facebook     amazon

      ebay          amazon        apple

      BCG          tesla          google


      I want to combine them, for example, I want to get a total count of the all the companies listed. Ideally, I want to combine all these three fields into one single filed but obviously not something like Top3[1] & ", " & Top3[2] & ", " & Top3[3] separated by commas, no.


      This was a survey asking over 40 q's, and i have a few results display this way...hopefully some of you may bring me some light of ideas..


      Also, is there a way to combine the like names in Qlik sense? for example, case sensitivity, Google & google?


      Thanks much guys!