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    Hide NTNAME Field from current selection box

    naveen kandpal

      Hi all,


      I have created section access script on which only registered user can access qlikview documents by matching NTNAME. It means that if my NTNAME is NAVEEN(CAPITAL LETTER) then it will match NAVEEN NTNAME from the table and access will be granted. I am also maintaining sheet level access by matching NTNAME. So, by default it is selecting NTNAME Who login through machine. In dashboard, i am using current selection box. In current selection box this NTNAME Value is automatically comes. But i want to hide this NTNAME field value from current selection box. I have already used hideprefix option but it is not working. When I am using hideprefix then sheet level access function is not working properly. So please help me to hide NTNAME field from current selection box but NTNAME value should be work for section access. Thanx in advance.