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    Chart expression Vs Memory utilization

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      We are facing serious issue with server memory utilization, sometimes it is exceeding more than 100% and this leads to server machine crash.

      Although we have restricted memory utilization from QMC max upto 80% of the total machine memory. Finally we found reason for this from the Audit log file of QlikView server that one of our application chart is causing this issue . When user trying to access this chart, it's not responding for 15-20 mints and during this time frame we can see  from the task manager that memory increasing from 20,30% upto 100% and crashing  server.


      We are using below expression in chart :



      Sum ({<Complaint_Acceptance-={4}>}QTY_PPM*Top_Pos_Flag)/
      if(Complaint_Type=3 or Complaint_Type=1,  aggr(nodistinct Sum (QTY_Delivered_TOTAL), Month),
      if(Complaint_Type=2 or Complaint_Type=7, aggr(nodistinct Sum (QTY_Received_TOTAL),Month),0))


      Please suggest what shall we do for this expression so that chart will respond in short period of time like other.


      I tried this expression to get rid off aggr function , but output is not matching.



      Sum ({<Complaint_Acceptance-={4}>}QTY_PPM*Top_Pos_Flag)/
      if(match(Complaint_Type, 1, 3), QTY_Delivered_TOTAL
      if(match(Complaint_Type, 2, 7), QTY_Received_TOTAL,