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    Problem with selection in Mashup

    Martin Pohl



      I've tried to generate a mashup to setup a website.

      It works fine, all items are available as expected.

      But in listboxes and geomaps I'm missing something:

      When select an value in a listbox I don't have the those buttons like on the hub:

      The selection is assume after pushing return

      (field Products)


      In a geomap chart I can't select a region, only single values

      any suggestions?

      Using Sense 2.1.1 and basicaly the grid mashup template.



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          Hi Martin,


          maybe the container element of the object isn't high enough.

          you can verify this using the browser's dom inspector.


          a quick solution may be to add style = "overflow: visible" in the container element...

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            Francis Kabinoff

            It may be that you have the css property "overflow" set to hidden on some containing element of the objects, or it could be numerous other things, hard to say exactly without being able to inspect the html and css. But I'll recommend a few things you can try, and let's see if we can get somewhere.


            First thing is, as Loris recommended, make sure that overflow is not set to hidden on any containing elements.


            Next, add some padding-top to your objects. 45px of padding should be enough to see the entire selection bar in most cases. So, something like .qvobject { padding-top: 45px; } in your CSS, assuming your objects have a class of .qvobject.  Or you could do it inline, such as style="padding-top: 45px" right in the html.


            If neither of those do anything, a kind of last resort is to place the selection bar over top of the title of the objects instead of how it displays by default, above the title. You can accomplish this by adding the following to your css -


            .qv-selection-toolbar {

                top: 0 !important;