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    Publisher Distribution - Slow without Selections

    Eike Söcker

      Hello i want to share a strange behavior which i observed. After changing an application the distribution time was much longer than before(no Reduce involved). From about 2 hours to 3. So i tried to figure out what takes so long, but couldn't find anything. Reload Time was only about 45~50min. Filesize  ~6GB. With that filesize opening the document could take some time i thought. If no selections are made a lot of calculations could slow down the loading/opening process. I understand it for the desktop version. I opened the document without data(otherwise i had to wait 3hours), made a reload and after that some selections to reduce relevant data. Saved the file, opening time no about 30min. After that i took the same document and distributed it via the publisher - duration now ~30min. The document has a trigger to make another selection when opening the document. So i don't have to worry about selections i have made before saving.

      Could anyone explain this behavior from the publisher? Thanks.