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    Table Creation

      Hi all,


      I need to create a table like below. i have attached the sample .qvf file


      The metric column is not a dimension or measure. I need to enter the name is it possible ? if possible how can i do it?

      Column To-date : needs the count of invitations, landing page hits, sign-ups, completions from our program start date.


      My question is how can i add different dimension, measures for each row and column?

      Need to add different measures for each column. is this possible in pivot table?



      Expression to get the above count:

      For To-Date column:

      1. Invitations : Count({$<DateType = {invitation}>}invitation_id)

      2. Landing Page Hits: sum({$<DateType = {accessed}>}landing_page_accessed)

      3. Sign-Ups : sum({$<DateType = {signed}>}user_signed)

      4. Completions : sum({$<DateType = {completion}>}course_completed)


      For Last  Month column:

      1. Invitations : count({$<MonthsAgo={">=1<max(MonthsAgo)"}, DateType= {'invitation'}>} invitation_id)

      2. Landing Page Hits: sum({$<MonthsAgo={">=1<max(MonthsAgo)"}, DateType= {'accessed'}>} landing_page_accessed)

      3. Sign-Ups : sum({$<MonthsAgo={">=1<max(MonthsAgo)"}, DateType= {'signed'}>} user_signed)

      4. Completions : sum({$<MonthsAgo={">=1<max(MonthsAgo)"}, DateType= {'completion'}>} course_completed)

      As i need to use many measures.

      Please help on table creation. I have no idea of creation of table with these many measures.

      It's not mandatory to use pivot table just i need the table as above. The .qvf file contains the sample data.