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    NPrinting Filter



      Is there a way to prevent the report from sending if the recipient filter does not much an actually value? Right now if I accidentally misspell a filter for the recipient it will send out the entire report with other the other vaules. For example I have a sales report that filters the region to the receipient, if I accidentally misspell West as Weest and assign to the receipent it won't send just the West region's data to the receipent but all regions' data, we don't want othe regions to see each other's data, is there a way to stop the report from sending if the filter does not match a value?


      Please provide any suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          Yes, there are configurations for each filter and you want to select "Verify Filter". This will do two things:


                  a) If a filter with Verify filter is applied and the resulting data set is empty, then NPrinting will not generate a report. This can be used to do conditional reporting.


                  b) If a filter without Verify filter is applied NPrinting will try to select values that do not exist in the .qvw. In this case QlikView enables all values so NPrinting will generate a report with the unfiltered dataset.This is the result you are seeing from your misspelled filter.


          See the "Set Filter Parameters" section of this document for more: How to Create Static and Dynamic Filters Based on Fields – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

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            If a filter fails, it is treated as if there is no filter at all.  If the field you are using for your filter, such as region, is a dimesnion, it is best you define you filter and pick from the selected values.  That will always ensure the value(s) for your filters are correct.


            There are even circumstance where I ahve worked with users who have created dimesnions just for NPrinting reporting


            In the Qlik application, can you filter by this field?