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    Find specific values and display them in listbox

    Nicklas Thorén

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Qlikview and found myself stuck at the following problem.


      I'm trying to create a listbox which only displays certain values from a field which has been loaded in my script. The field itself contains item numbers for my application. Item numbers in my application mainly consists of a very specific combination of numbers, but there are also other combinations that I don't want to display in my listbox.


      If I select the field (item numbers) in my listbox - it displays all the values by default. The values that I want are very specific. They all start with two zeros (00) followed by seven digits, example: 001234567. The field consists of a wide variety of different numbers in a variety of different combinations.









      ... And so on.


      I only want to display the values starting with 00 and have a total of 9 digits.


      I just can figure it out. Any ideas? Pretty sure that this can be done with ease by someone with a bit more knowledge than myself.


      Any help much appreciated.