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      Hi all,


      In KPI i found the conditional colors tab where we have "+" and "-" sign.


      Below i have two expressions.one expression is count of two days back and one is yestaerday.

      Using that expression i need to check whether the yesterday value is greater or lesser.

      If it is greater i need to show "+" symbol else "-".

      How can i achieve this.


      sum({$<DateType = {completion}, final_test_status={'passed'},CanonicalDate={'$(=Date(Today()-2,'MM-DD-YYYY'))'}>}course_completed)


      sum({$<DateType = {completion}, final_test_status={'passed'},CanonicalDate={'$(=Date(Today()-1,'MM-DD-YYYY'))'}>}course_completed)



      I have added a image for reference







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          Liron Baram

          hi what you'll need to do is

          1. use yesterday expression for the kpi

          2. in the limit insert two day ago expression instead of the value

          3.set the right side of the limit to display '-' sign and the left side of the limit to display '+' sign

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              Great works fine,  Instead of showing the count in KPI can i show the % how much it is differ from Yesterday and Two days ago?

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                  Liron Baram

                  in that case what i'll do is to use two expression in the kpi

                  drag into the kpi the expression for the %

                  then you should have something like this


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                      Fine, this is what exactly i need.

                      I need to show the complete count as 35.23M in your image and then again % difference of yesterday and two days ago as -9.9%.

                      can you explain with some example.

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                          Liron Baram

                          hi attach is a demo file

                          the steps are

                          1.create a measure for yesterday sales

                          2.create a measures for yesterday vs two days ago

                          3.drag and drop kpi visualisation

                          4.drag yesterday measure into the KPI

                          5.Drag the yesterday vs two days meausre and select add

                          6.in the edit mode go to the yesterday vs two days ago and set a limit to 0

                          7.in the left side select red color and '-' sign

                          8.in the right side select green color and '+' sign


                          hope this helps you

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                              can i use two different expressions like below?


                              1. measure:  sum({$<DateType = {completion}, final_test_status={'passed'}>}course_completed)



                              2. create a measures for yesterday vs two days ago

                              sum({$<DateType = {completion}, final_test_status={'passed'},CanonicalDate={'$(=Date(Today()-2,'MM-DD-YYYY'))'}>}course_completed)


                              sum({$<DateType = {completion}, final_test_status={'passed'},CanonicalDate={'$(=Date(Today()-1,'MM-DD-YYYY'))'} >}course_completed)