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    Gantt chart help with quarter date axis conversion

    Nelson Lam

      Dear all fellow QV peers,


      I wish to convert my date axis in my grantt chart from MMM-YY to quarter naming convention. (Q1-2016, Q2-2016 etc...)


      Under normal circumstance, this can done in scripting level if date is used as one-dimensional. However, aggregation is used to for calculate duration which makes the situation alittle complicated.


      I have tried to use the following solutions but had failed to achieve any results:

      1. Define the following in script level but was unable to perform aggregation

      'Q' & Ceil(Month(Start)/3) as QUARTER_START,

      'Q' & Ceil(Month(End)/3) as QUARTER_END

      2. Change date format pattern in 'number' tab


      gantt  chart.jpg

      Thanks in advance,