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    Display curves depending on selected values from a non-static field

      Hello all,


      I am currently facing the below situation, and some help from you would be really appreciated.


      Actually, I am trying to display curves depending on the selected values of a filter.

      So basically, if you refer to the attached file:

      - if "Paris" value from the filter is selected I display a curve related to Paris.

      - if "Geneva" value from the same filter is selected I display another curve related to Geneva.

      - if "Paris" and "Geneva" are both selected, I display both curves at the same time.

      The limitation of this implementation is that if a new city is added to my data (for instance "Tokyo"), I would like my chart to handle automatically the display of data related to "Tokyo" when selecting this value in my filter. For now, I am forced to add manually an expression to my chart with the proper display condition. This is the manual operation that I would like to automate.

      Do you have any ideas or other methods to get the required behavior?