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    Sheet level security - One user - Two security groups

    Ryan Brumfield

      Sheet level security question:


      I have a situation where we have a user applied to a limited access security group within QV that restricts access to a specific sheet and then we also have the same user that is also applied to another security group that does allow detail access to that same specific sheet.  Below is the logic in the edit script and the show sheet properties.


      Edit Script Logic:


      Section Access;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      User, CompanyABC\ABCNoDetailAccess, NoDetail
      User, CompanyABC\ABCDetailAccess

      Section Application;

      LOAD * INLINE [


      Show sheet Conditional properties logic:




      From testing we have performed there are times the users can see the details and times they cannot.  I made an assumption that qlikview would process the SectionAccess INLINE table and take the last group and apply the detail level access to this specific users.  How does Qlikview handle this situation?