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    Task triggering before I want to in Publisher Server

    Roberto Medellin


      We have a process that needs to run on QDS every 4 hours with the data of that time.

      We have something like this:

      • Task A (every 4 hours)
        • Task B (triggered by A)
        • Task C (triggered by A as well)
        • Task D (also triggered by A)
          • Task F (triggered on multiple events completed, Task B and Task C and Task D).


      This happens quite often:

      So its 00:00 and Task A starts and completes.

      Task B fails for yet unknown (random) reasons

      Task C completes

      Task D completes

      Task F doesn't start, it get a Green light from Task C and Task D, but not from Task B.

      Results: F doesn't publish but at least the old information makes sense.


      Not it's 04:00 and there's new info

      Task A starts and completes, that, of course, starts B,C,D

      Task B completes

      Task F starts since now it's got the green light from Task B that was missing

      (C and D may complete and send their green light which will push the problem)

      Result: Task F publishes but information doesn't make much sense. it's marked as completed in the 04:00 execution. BUT it doesn't have the data from the 04:00 execution; Most data is from the 00:00 execution but it's mixed with the 04:00 execution and it's innacurate or worst.


      How can I tell Task F to wait for the 3 'Green lights' from the same execution? (not take into account old executions)

      Is there a file I can delete without deleting other things? (delete the Green lights from the previous run)

      Is there a setting that marks "Green light" as good only for 3 hours?

      Is there somescript that I can code into task F.qvw that checks if the 3 qvds hour is similar (3 hours apart), and if not wait 1 minute and recheck? (I can think of random generation of data that takes 1 min, but it's not performance friendly).


      Thanks in advance!